Purpose of Our Calculators

Our calculators are purpose built to make performing complex calculations easy, fast and informative. We want to make mathematics accessible to as many people as possible and allow anyone to execute calculations that are, sometimes, nearly impossible to complete by hand. Another of our objectives is to help users understand how the calculations are made. That is why when you use one of our calculators, you receive a step-by-step guide, showing you how the calculation is done. We hope you find our calculators helpful and easy to use, and would appreciate any feedback you have for improvements!

Functions of Our Calculators

We have three calculators, each with their own function: Factoring, GCF and LCM. Each of these calculations is useful across all levels of mathematics, but can be extremely difficult to do by hand. Below we explain the functions of our calculators in more detail.


Our factoring calculator allows users to enter a positive integer and will return the both the complete list of factors for that integer, and the prime factorization of that integer. A factor is an integer that divides another integer without a remainder.

GCF (Greatest Common factor)

Our GCF calculator allows users to enter two integers and will return the greatest common factor of those two integers. When you factor two integers, you will get two lists of all the factors of both integers. The largest factor that appears on both lists is the great common factor.

LCM (Lowest Common Multiple)

Our LCM calculator allows users to enter two integers and will return the lowest common multiple. The lowest common multiple of two integers is the smallest number of which those two integers are both factors.